[Asterisk-Users] Distortion/crackling/skipping problems on outgoing calls -- please help!!!

Brian Capouch brianc at palaver.net
Sat Sep 3 14:04:54 MST 2005

Robert Geller wrote:
> Wow, very interesting. Thank you so much! BTW, regarding YMMV, did you 
> have a separate, dedicated sound card? I don't -- it's integrated into 
> my motherboard. Would this still apply? Of course, there are still ports 
> in the back for in, out, and a mic, so it may still apply, but my 
> Ethernet card is way down on the second-to-last PCI port, so would this 
> still apply?
> Again, thanks very much for your support, and if you think this may 
> still apply to my setup, I will definitely try what you recommended.

Check what you get when you "cat /proc/interrupts"

If you can get hold of a hardphone to play with, and it works just fine 
when it's on the same switch as the computer, then I would be tempted 
even further to suspect an interrupt-related problem as your culprit.


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