[Asterisk-Users] Suggestions for what to do with a Dialogic D/41EPCI?

Steve Underwood steveu at coppice.org
Sun Feb 27 17:16:01 MST 2005

Robert Terzi wrote:

> I found an old Dialogic card in an abandoned PC, that I think is a
> Dialogic D/41EPCI based on some googling..   The lspci output says:
> 00:09.0 Bridge: PLX Technology, Inc. PCI <-> IOBus Bridge (rev 01)
>         Subsystem: Dialogic Corp: Unknown device 0529
> I'm just getting started with Asterisk to build a SOHO system.
> Any suggestions for what I can do with this card?   It would be
> ideal if I could use it for FXO ports, but from what I've seen
> Asterisk only supports the newer D/41JCT-LS.
> What are the differences between the D/41EPCI and the D/41JCT-LS?
> Can anyone recommend software that I could run to use the
> D/41EPCI to be an FXO <-> SIP gateway that I could then
> connect to asterisk with?

The card is not capable of doing that. It is not full duplex.

> I've seen that Bayonne seems to support that card, but I didn't
> see any application for using Bayonne as a SIP gateway.
Bayonne supports it, but only for things like IVR. Not as a VoIP card.


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