Pedro traci.asterisk at gmail.com
Fri Feb 25 19:45:27 MST 2005

Do yourself a favor and get a Sipura SPA-2100 - much easier to
configure and the quality is better than the Mediatrix unit.  First of
all - do you have the Mediatrix Unit Manager software?  If not,
configuration will be nearly impossible.  Secondly, you will need to
configure the sip ports on the mediatrix to include "asterisk" as the
realm.  The other fields are pretty self explanatory (username,
password, etc.).  You will also want to turn off silence suppression
as it is on by default.

- Pedro

On 25 Feb 2005 20:07:04 +0100, Edward Banfa <edward at radform.com> wrote:
> Hello all,
> Hi I would like to know how to configure a Mediatrix 1102 box to work
> with my asterisk box. I have analog phones that i would like to connect
> to my Mediatrix box and then connect the Mediatrix box to my asterisk
> box. My main problems come from the fact that I have limited experience
> with usiing the two (asterisk and the mediatrix). I know how to use
> sip.conf , but I am lost when it comes to mediatrix specific
> configuration. I have search the archives but i have not gotten any
> thing specific.
> I would really appreciate any help that can be rendered to set me in the
> right path. I am desperate here.
> Thank you all in advance
> Edward
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