[Asterisk-Users] Suggestion for noise reduction on Asterisk-U sers

Kristian Kielhofner kris at krisk.org
Mon Feb 21 16:03:43 MST 2005

Colin Anderson wrote:
> Problem is, Wikis in general suck and voip-info.org in particular is quite
> useless except as a random clicky-clicky exercise. You ever use the search
> on voip-info.org? It's almost like someone goofed setting it up and the
> search results are ordered least relevant first. 
> News flash: The reason the newbie questions appear on the list in the first
> place is because it's too hard to find
> it on the web. Of course, Google is far better, and Mr. Critchfield takes
> great pains to tell us so (and he's right) so there is the argument that if
> you can't use Google properly you are wholly unqualified to run Asterisk.
> Unfortunately, that type of elitism is exactly what marginalizes open source
> / Linux / RMS type of endeavors. 
> Noob questions may seem like the death by a thousand cuts, but the
> alternative is that there *are* no noobs and that means eventually that
> "Netcraft Confirms Asterisk is Dying*" jokes will start flying.
> *yeah, yeah, I know. I was trying to make a point. 


	I know the search sucks.  Lets point them to google site:voip-info.org 
or site:lists.digium.com then.  We do a lot of that once they get on the 
list.  Why not before?

Kristian Kielhofner

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