[Asterisk-Users] A bit of a survey: What do do if youneedmorethan4 C.O. lines

Andrew Kohlsmith akohlsmith-asterisk at benshaw.com
Sun Feb 20 09:57:59 MST 2005

On February 20, 2005 11:44 am, Jim Van Meggelen wrote:
> I like the thinking; the challenge is often where in the world you are,
> and how much competition there is. Here in Ontario, T1's were generally
> priced such that fractional T1s hardly saved anything. There is more
> competition now, so prices are changing, but I still can't see frac T1
> service competing with such a small number of analog circuits. I know
> there are places where such a thing could be had very competitively, so
> your advice is still good.

I think you'd be surprised.  Even in Listowel a CT1 for POTS termination was 
on-par with having the individual analogue lines brought out.  You'll pay a 
little more for the smartjack lease but it eliminates a lot of headaches.

Hell the PRI here in cow-town Listowel was in-line with POTS until you 
included the D channel price of $500 -- The B chans were all $55/mo which is 
exactly what a business line costs.  I imagine CT1 instead of PRI service 
would have been significantly cheaper, *AND* I wouldn't have to pay for all 
those extra DIDs.


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