[Asterisk-Users] Digium TDM 400P and Dell 1750

Eric Wieling eric at fnords.org
Thu Feb 17 11:56:49 MST 2005

Keith O'Brien wrote:

> Yes, in most cases this would work.  Unfortunately, this won't work as there
> are no 4 pin outputs from the Dell power supply to attach the splitter.
> Dell rack mount servers don't use 4pin power at all.    The hard disks are
> hot swap scsi so they don't use 4 pin power.   Also the power supplies are
> hot swap so the connection from the power supply to the motherboard is
> hardwired.   I see that the 1750 is mentioned on the Wiki but haven't seen
> if there is some way that I am missing to get this to work with digium
> cards.     
> Just curious as Dell rack mount servers are fairly commonplace and would be
> surprised if I am the first one to hit this problem.

Old TDM400P cards did not have a power connector.  The new ones do. 
The power to the card is required on any card that has a power 
connector.  The modern TDM400P cards are the only Digium cards that 
require external power (since they are the only cards that support 
analog FXS ports and those ports require more power than many 
motherboards can provide via the PCI bus)

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