[Asterisk-Users] re: call "load balancing"

Dave Redmore dredmore at cjrinc.com
Tue Aug 9 22:36:02 MST 2005

Thanks to Jean-Michel for the info. re: getting 10 calls over a 1024/256 
ADSL using g729...  Just the sort of info. I was looking for...  Anyone 

I hate GSM - sounds horrible to me...  but, iLBC sounds pretty good and 
I think has a comparible BW to g729...

I have to take issue with something you said though...

"An ever better way is get some kind of SLA with guaranteed uptime and 
bandwith, a symetrical link, and do some traffic shaping to ensure that 
VoIP has priority. Part of the point of VoIP is to save money by 
collapsing voice and data networks onto one (presumably robust) network,so having 2 shabby separate DSL connections kinds of defeats the purpose."

Actually, this gets right to the heart of what I'm getting at - can we take 2 or 3 shabby DSL connections and use asterisk to monitor the quality of each connection and then route calls according to the "best" option at any given time...  to me, this would allow you to get a much more robust, redundant and reliable network...  so, for $120.00/month (lets say 3 ADSL connections @ $40/mnth) - I can get a connection to the internet with really good bandwidth and redundancy and uptime that might approach a $600/mnth T-1...  because we are talking about lots of small connections - rather than trying to create one big fat pipe out of a bunch of smaller ones - I'm talking about having a dynamic call routing scheme that can squeeze the most number of calls and highest quality connections out of multiple, presumably not very reliable, available connections...  The ultimate would be to be able to have 2-3 IAX connections registered over different DSLs to the same provider and have a way that asterisk could actually switch an ongoing call if the jitter buffer gets to high, or too many packets get dropped...

Dave Redmore

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