[Asterisk-Users] ANNOUNCEMENT : MeetMe Web User Interface

Dan Austin Dan_Austin at Phoenix.com
Wed Mar 31 10:15:43 MST 2004

Very cool.  With the changes to move the MeetMe data into a DB,
would it be possible to add scheduling, password management and
caller limits to the app?

As someone else pointed out this is an almost perfect fit for
our conferencing needs. 


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Hello Asteriskos,


The goals of this application is to control your audience/users in the
conference room. That will allow you to have a visual presentation and
to control the conferences over the net.
A lot of changes has be made to app_meetme to keep some conferences
informations into a DB  and to check through if some properties has been

I m not providing the sources now, probably tomorrow, I really must
clean the code a bit and add the mysql support (now only support
postgresql & I know lot of you use mysql), etc... Actually it's working
really fine for me...

Web UI Options already done :
    * control voice rights (user can talk&listen or only listen)
    * give voice to the next user depending of the entrance order
    * eject user from the conference room
    * call out the operator of each room when an user join an empty room
(Via an AGI)

Web UI Options I m working on :
    * call out and join new participants to the conference room
    * ...

At the end of the email, you will find the zatpel conference mode, I
just implement the two masks (only listen and listen-talk):
Anyone needs more ?!?

Well, I wanted to ask to the list if some of you are interrested to it
(hope to) and if perhaps if you have some ideas concerning 
options that we can add or whatever to make this application better. 

And if anyone need special custom/features, feel free also to contact me
off list.

I welcome feedbackssss,
Cheers, Areski

#define ZT_CONF_MODE_MASK 0xff          /* mask for modes (255) */
#define ZT_CONF_NORMAL  0               /* normal mode */
#define ZT_CONF_MONITOR 1               /* monitor mode (rx of other
chan) */
#define ZT_CONF_MONITORTX 2             /* monitor mode (tx of other
chan) */
#define ZT_CONF_MONITORBOTH 3           /* monitor mode (rx & tx of
other chan) */
#define ZT_CONF_CONF 4                  /* conference mode */
#define ZT_CONF_CONFANN 5               /* conference announce mode */
#define ZT_CONF_CONFMON 6               /* conference monitor mode */
#define ZT_CONF_CONFANNMON 7            /* conference announce/monitor
mode */
#define ZT_CONF_REALANDPSEUDO 8 		/* real and pseudo port
both on conf
#define ZT_CONF_DIGITALMON 9    		/* Do not decode or
interpret */
#define ZT_CONF_FLAG_MASK 0xff00        /* mask for flags (65280) */
#define ZT_CONF_LISTENER 0x100          /* is a listener on the
conference (256)*/
#define ZT_CONF_TALKER 0x200            /* is a talker on the conference
#define ZT_CONF_PSEUDO_LISTENER 0x400   /* pseudo is a listener on the
conference (1024)*/
#define ZT_CONF_PSEUDO_TALKER 0x800     /* pseudo is a talker on the
conference (2048) */

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