AW: [Asterisk-Users] Hot plug PCI?

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Wed Mar 31 08:06:55 MST 2004

i recently tried to install an * server with a hotplug pci board. 
(An Intel SPKA4) with a Digium TE410P
But the Chassis/PCI-Bus wasn't able to detect the card.
A Hot plug pci bus normally gives power to all slots on bootup and then
determines which slots are in use. Then it disables the power on the
unused slots. But in my case the bus always disabled the power on the
slot with the digium card in it too. So i was not able to get this to
work! We switched to a te405p and got it working in the non-hotplug
slot. But with Hotplug PCI -> No chance... 
Digium suggested to turn off multi processing in the hardware. 
But that's not a real solution and wasn't possible as well on this

Fabian Stelzer
Gigacodes GmbH

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Scott Laird wrote:

> On Mar 31, 2004, at 12:01 AM, Nicolas Bougues wrote:
>> - hardware : you must have hotplug capable boards and bus. I believe
>>   the only option there is CompactPCI, and of course cPCI boards and
>>   chassis are very different from your day-to-day PCI stuff. Of
>>   Digium boards, as well as any other standard PCI board does not
>>   fit.
>>   cPCI boards and chassis are considerably more expensive than their
>>   standard counterparts, if they exist at all.
>> You can't just hot (un)plug a standard PCI board : the bus is not
>> meant for this, you have most chances of destroying your board and/or
>> your bus.
> You can buy systems with hot-plugable standard PCI slots.  Many 
> higher-end servers have included the ability for years.
> Example:  
> If you read down far enough, it mentions that the PCI-X slots are 
> hot-pluggable.  Linux has kernel support for the HP/COMPAQ/IBM 
> hot-plug chips, but I'm pretty sure that you still need a bit of 
> driver support.

I haven't tried with a recent Compaq, but a couple of years ago the hot 
plug slots were a joke. It was nearly impossible to swap a card without 
disturbing the others in the chassis, and crashing the server. The cards

did not slide out cleanly; ribbon cables for RAID drives ran across the 
top of the hot plug slots; etc. So, watch out - you need slots which are

hot plug in deed as well as in word :-)


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