[Asterisk-Users] mailman-owner@lists.digium.com not accepting mail

Skuse, Phil Phil.Skuse at vicorp.com
Wed Mar 31 07:20:55 MST 2004

I apologise for sending this to the list, it is not my intention to spam
anyone. Please ignore if you cannot help.

If the "asterisk-users" list administrator is reading this, could you please
fix the mailman-owner account, or supply me with an alternative contact
address. Here is the error, it has been like this for some time:

<clrhodes at lists.digium.com>: cannot access mailbox /var/mail/clrhodes for
    clrhodes. error writing message: File too large

Phil Skuse <phil.skuse at vicorp.com>
 Network Administrator. 
 Vicorp UK Limited: The Telephony Engine Company.
 Tel  +44 (0)1753 660523  http://www.vicorp.com

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