[Asterisk-Users] SoftFAX/spandsp - release 0.0.1i - txfax fin dings

Alex Zarubin ZAlex at Webley.COM
Tue Mar 30 12:57:45 MST 2004


We have no problems sending to HP and Panasonic fax machines in the office.
We do have problems when we try to send faxes to services supporting
fax, i.e. J2 or our UC platform. The receiving side doesn't recognize fax.

To send a fax we drop into /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing:
Channel: Zap/g1/<fax number>
MaxRetries: 0
WaitTime: 20
Context: webley_txfax
Extension: txfax_ext
Priority: 1
SetVar: TXFAX_NAME=<fax name>

and extensions.conf contains:
exten => txfax_ext,1,txfax(${TXFAX_NAME}|caller)
exten => txfax_ext,2,Hangup

Two questions:
1. Sounds like txfax sends just one CNG tone. Can we have a parameter making
	txfax issue periodic CNGs until it gets CED back? This might resolve
	problem with the receiver missing the first (and only) tone and
	working as if this is not a fax?
2. For Zap channels - don't we need to take care of 'dataquality',
	and/or 'faxhandled'? In several cases J2 would send CED, so asterisk
	switched to a fax extension creating a complete mess.

Thank you.

Alex Zarubin
Webley Systems
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