[Asterisk-Users] Hot plug PCI?

Charlie Hedlin charlie at hedlin.com
Tue Mar 30 09:27:28 MST 2004

The quick question: Do the digium drivers for the Digium Wildcard TE410P 
(4 port T1/E1/PRI 3.3v card) , the T100P (single port T1),  and the 
TDM400P support hot plug PCI?  I am also noting that while the TDM400P 
doesn't state the voltage requirements, it looks like a 5v card.  I hope 
that I am wrong on this.

What type of T1 channel bank would people recoment for ISDN (for video 
equipment) and FXS ports?

I am looking at implementing an Asterisk PBX at my office in June.  We 
are currently recieving PBX services as part of an office sublease and 
will purchase a replacement when we move in June.

There is a lot of resistance to using any PBX that isn't from a major 
vendor with a track record in the company management.  I am going out on 
a limb for * as the features and capabilities as well as the cost seem 
like exactly what we want and need.  If I go the Asterisk route it will 
be with a serious server, redunant power supplies, raid, etc...  I will 
have a much better chance at getting aproval for this if there is hot 
plug support to give this project all of the features found in 
comporable products from Nortel and Avaya.

Thank you,
Charlie Hedlin

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