[Asterisk-Users] Cisco 7960 SIP Images

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> It's just the rule of the game, and the game plan is called 
> by the author (not the user). Its not a lot different then 
> 80% of the software vendors charging a large fee to upgrade 
> when the first digit changes (eg, v1.x to v2.x), just 
> different words. 

No, it's hugely different. We're not talking about support and ongoing
maintenance releases, we're talking about the right to use the software
already in the used box you jusy bought.

It's just wrong, and the only thing that keeps them from doing it with the
hardware is that the FTC would come after them for restraint of trade. Since
SW is considered IP and is 'licsensed' rather than sold, all the normal
rules don't apply.

What I suspect large customers do is negotiate contracts that include a
transferable software license. As always it's the little guys who get


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