[Asterisk-Users] Cisco 7960 SIP Images

Rich Adamson radamson at routers.com
Mon Mar 29 17:11:18 MST 2004

It's just the rule of the game, and the game plan is called by the 
author (not the user). Its not a lot different then 80% of the software
vendors charging a large fee to upgrade when the first digit changes
(eg, v1.x to v2.x), just different words. The bottom line is, regardless
of who the initial vendor happens to be, how do you pay for talent to
stay on top of RFCs, attend IETF (etc) meetings, resolve bugs, lab work,
research, interoperability testing, trade shows, you wanting your sales
person to buy you a diner, and advance the software?

Cisco's approach has been consistent since the early '80s and there is
a business reason why the company is #1 -- worldwide. As a user, you 
always have at least two options. Pick one.

As a side note for those that still don't have a clue, go to your favorite
software store and buy a copy of Peachtree Complete Accounting for Windows.
You'll find that each "year" you must pay an upgrade fee that is equal to
or greater than the initial software cost to keep using it (with current
accounting rules). Plus an additional tax table maintenance fee that has 
nothing to do with the annual upgrade. Their business model sucks you in 
for $150, but annual maintenance is like getting married! ;)

Wanta take a guess what would happen if Cisco decide to really enforce
the legal rules?

> How come you have to repurchase software anyway? It was already bought
> and paid for.
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> > ###
> > ### Hardware != Software
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> > 
> > Cisco IOS Software, phone firmware, etc. is normally bundled 
> > with hardware at the time of purchase, because, frankly, the 
> > hardware isn't really of much use without software. You may 
> > resell the hardware (which, looking at eBay, happens 
> > frequently), but the software license DOES NOT transfer from 
> > one end user to another. There are only a few exceptions to 
> > this rule, such as for business affiliates, mergers, 
> > acquisitions, lease buyouts, and outsourcing arrangements.
> Frankly, this is a horrible policy. It's designed to eliminate the
> market
> for used gear so that vendors can force people to buy new equipment.
> Frankly, anyone with this business model should be ashamed. And anyone
> buying equipment under such circumstances should beware. The assets they
> think they're purchasing today have substantially less value than they
> think
> since they can't effectively resell them when they're no longer needed.

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