[Asterisk-Users] no sound via playback

John Brown (CV) jmbrown at chagresventures.com
Sat Mar 27 21:20:04 MST 2004

Hi List,

I've just built a new * box (slackware 9.1) and I get
no sound from a  Playback(tt-weasels)   command.

I've got other slack9.1 boxes running.

* Version is v1.0 stable

exten => 213,1,Answer
exten => 213,2,Playback(tt-weasels)
exten => 213,3,Playback(tt-weasels)
exten => 213,4,Hangup

when I dial 213, it says its playing, but no audio.

calls between SIP users on this box work fine.
calls between SIP and IAX devices work fine.
calls between SIP and PSTN work fine.

any ideas ??

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