[Asterisk-Users] Codec Voodoo

Hadar Pedhazur hadar at unorthodox.com
Sat Mar 27 15:50:22 MST 2004

All three of my servers are at the same level of cvs checkout (within 
minutes of each other), I believe from March 22, 2004. All of my calls 
to NuFone are using GSM, though I allow iLBC as well.

Thanks for the response, I was beginning to think my questions were 
invisible :-)

Andres wrote:
> Are you making calls out to Nufone or simply from one of your servers to 
> another?  We noticed this problem when we upgraded one of our servers to 
> the latest CVS and left another one with an older version.  Seems that 
> the latest changes with rtp.c need to be applied everywhere. When we 
> upgraded all servers then the audio returned to normal but the 
> connection with Nufone started sounding horrible.
> We had to roll back to the older version of rtp.c to get back the good 
> audio with Nufone.

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