[Asterisk-Users] New minor release of Firefly (now with Speex)

Simon Brown Simon.Brown at otterson.com.au
Thu Mar 25 18:14:07 MST 2004

When you use firefly in SIP mode it does not un-register with * on exiting
the software


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Subject: [Asterisk-Users] New minor release of Firefly (now with Speex)

I've put up a new dev version of Firefly

Notable Changes:
DTMF now works with SIP
Speex codec has been added
1 crash bug fixed - 2 more to go (if you can crash Firefly, send me the Hex
address - probably stored in event viewer under control panel)

Sorry for the delay but I've completely rewritten how contacts work
internally (although it looks exactly the same as it did before). This now
allows me to do some sexy things with contacts. Stay tuned

I'm aiming for a stable release in two weeks so help me find the bugs. 
Many thanks to thoses who have

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