[Asterisk-Users] Adtran TA750, any chance of working MWI ?

Steve Creel screel at turbs.com
Fri Mar 26 22:58:30 MST 2004

After some sleep, google gave me some additional information:

Wade said before that MWI is done by FSK and voltage-type MWI is not

For the existing MWI to work, voltage on the line needs to drop for a
fraction of a second - I think this can happen in asterisk, probably as
part of the do_monitor block where vmwi_generate is called.  Does that
make any sense?

We have about 40 2500 sets... If I have to replace the phones themselves,
does anyone have a model they'd suggest for replacing an Avaya 2500 set
that supports FSK MWI?


On Fri, 26 Mar 2004, Steve Creel wrote:

>I have L36, and Onhook Messaging is enabled.  Does anyone have a reference
>for MWI (other than that stuff that turns up on google)?

>>Make sure that Onhook Messaging is enabled on the Adtran FXS ports.  I'd
>>also suggest upgrading to the latest 750 firmware (L36) as it fixes some
>>specific MWI issues.

>>I have a bunch of existing AT&T/Lucent/Avaya 2500YMGP sets with LED
>>message waiting lights.  Do I stand any chance of getting the Adtrans to
>>light these?
>>What I know so far:
>>When you pick up the telephone, the LED flashes.
>>If you plug two telephones in, picking up one flashes the LED on the
>>Hanging the telephone up will flash the LED.
>>Incoming calls flash the LED.
>>Stutter dialtone is there and functioning.
>>Debugs in chan_zap reveal that do_monitor sees there are messages, and
>>tries to update MWI status.
>>The Adtran is putting out 50 volts when on hook (either with or without
>>a message waiting).  If 'On Hook Messaging' is enabled (I think this is
>>for ADSI ?), the voltage is closer to 40v.

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