[Asterisk-Users] Call & Drop / Call & Tranfer - tranfering a call to a different number.

johnc at cleburne.com johnc at cleburne.com
Thu Mar 25 17:38:47 MST 2004

First, I am very new to this software. If I missed a searchable archive, please point 
me in the right direction.

I am wishing to know if Asterisk can be used to do a Call & Drop scenario.

This is where someone calls, Asterisk answers, ask for the number that the person 
wishes to dial, gets the PIN, and then completes the call to the number they desired. 
Once the connection is completed, this software/service is no longer in the call loop.

Typically this scenario is used to offer a wider calling area. Called Metro or Extended 
Metro in our area. There are many people in area that this feature is not available 
from their phone company, or they don't want to pay much for it, as they don't make 
many calls.

I am certainly willing to provide more information, but I wanted to find out if Asterisk 
was even something that could do it- or be modified to do so.


John Chapman

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