[Asterisk-Users] IAX2 as an IETF Standard?

Steve steve at szmidt.org
Thu Mar 25 10:11:47 MST 2004

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On Wednesday 24 March 2004 10:51 pm, Adam Hart wrote:
> Comment below...
> Steve wrote:
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> >On Wednesday 24 March 2004 08:45 pm, James H. Thompson wrote:
> >>No guarantee then when public IPs match that clients are both on same
> >> NAT LAN.
> >>
> >>Client  A ----- NAT Router A --------- NAT Router X with
> >>Public IP --- Internet
> >>Client  B ----- NAT Router B ---------|
> >
> >The thing is that it's all controlled by your gateway configuration.
> > This is where you define where you find what. You must know the IP (or
> > domain name and use DNS) of where the recipient is. If you are calling
> > a local host you must know the IP. If you call an external host you
> > must also must know his internet address. He'd have a redirect in his
> > firewall that would route to his internal machine. You have no need/use
> > of knowing what his internal IP address is.
> >
> >I've done all the above in many combinations.
> >
> >I have one setup on CA and one in FL.
> >
> >I have had CA call over IP to FL, then fwd the call to a local external
> > land line and call right back in again on another land line. I have
> > called and transferred calls to a local LAN phone as well as over the
> > Internet.
> I can't really follow what you're saying, the above setup is a problem
> with the current IAX. Put simply, when two people are behind the same
> NAT device and the asterisk box is outside this nat, some NAT routers
> can't bridge the calls so the call is forced to continue to route
> through the asterisk box. This is most common cause of compliant of
> latency for the firefly network. Sure SOME routers understand but most
> don't.

Ah, then it's my mistake. loosly following the thread I got a different 

NAT/Redirect is not always done correctly by the manufacturer, try a 
different brand. (I always build and use OpenBSD for firewalls. It needs 
500MB and 48M RAM and 2 NICs. Takes 15 minutes to build and about the same 
to configure. Though it's not physically a tiny custom device...)

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