[Asterisk-Users] SoftFAX/spandsp

Steve Underwood steveu at coppice.org
Thu Mar 25 08:33:49 MST 2004

Hi all,

My SoftFAX is now up to spandsp-0.0.1h.tar.gz. This version has a number 
of changes in the way the V.29 modem works. It also has some missing 
functionality in the T.30 implementation filled in - it was not handling 
EOM messages.

The previous version failed for several reasons with a Dialogic 
VFX/40ESC. This version succeeds, although it still seems to get a few 
bit errors, giving some flaws on the received image. I do not see these 
errors with the other FAX machines I have tried. It seems like a fairly 
big improvement though, and work will continue to make it better.

app_rxfax.c and app_txfax.c have gained a new feature. Previously they 
always started in answering party mode. Now this is the default 
behaviour, but something like:

exten => 5678,1,txfax(/tmp/testfax.tif|caller)

will make them start in calling party mode. So far, these two apps have 
been little more that testbeds for spandsp. It seems some people are 
trying to use them for real work, so it seems like they should be 
gaining more features. The caller mode option was asked for.


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