[Asterisk-Users] X100P fails to detect user hung up

willy at yponeinc.com willy at yponeinc.com
Wed Mar 24 19:17:21 MST 2004

It is a multi-reported problem, yet no resolution.
I would suggest it is a bug.  I have had intermittent
success with POTS provided by AllTel in Texas.
My opinion, you're SOL and there is very little you can do. 
I keep hoping that someone at digium will pick up on this
and look at the hardware design etc.  BTW, I tried
kewlstart, loopstart etc. and it doesn't make any
difference.  As I said, it's intermittent on POTS, and it's
constant on my ISDN fxs channels.  

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> I am using the wildcard X100P with *. PSTN line comes in
> to the FXO port of this card. Everything works fine most
> of the time. However, occasionally Asterisk doesn't seem
> to be able to detect the user has hung up and therefore
> tie up the line for quite a long time. Does anyone know if
> there's anything I can do to fix this problem?
> thanks
> Ron

Willy Wouters
ypOne Publishing

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