[Asterisk-Users] Immixtel VOIP Adapters

Jorge Mendoza mendoza at tcc.com.pe
Wed Mar 24 17:02:04 MST 2004

Ariel Batista wrote:
> Michael Graves wrote:
>>While cruising Ebay looking the the holy grail in cheap FXO adapters
>>and stumbled upon Immixtel (www.immixtel.com), who seem to be
>>reselling some Korean VOIP products. They have 2,4 and 6 port FXOs,
>>FXO/FXS combos and FXS adapters. I called them and talked to an
>>engineer named Jorge who had just today started setting up an *
>>server. They will test their products with the * server over the next
>>while. FWIW, the 4 port FXO is quoted at $390 USD.
>>Michael Graves
> We have been working with Jorge to get there unit's working with
> Asterisk.  There not ready with there SIP version yet.  There H323 seems
> to be working fine.  But the main problem we have had is that you need
> to configure all ports for them to work.  If you just need 2 ports you
> need to still configure them.  I hope they get this part working.  They
> are nice and have a embedded Linux on them.
It seems Welltech

Jorge Mendoza

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