[Asterisk-Users] Re: Message waiting indicators

Doug Meredith doug.meredith at skyridge.com
Wed Mar 24 09:31:50 MST 2004

Oliver Wilcock <oliver at owch.ca> wrote:

>A post in 2002 refered to Mike Sandman as a source for inexpensive (cheap) 
>message waiting indicators.  I called Mike but he doesn't know what 
>Asterisk is (!) and wants to know what type of phone system I have or what 
>protocol it uses so that he can send me a compatible indicator.  I tried 
>these acronyms on him: ADSI, MDMF, SDMF but he doesn't recognize them. 
>What can I tell him so that I can order the right part?  Or which popular 
>switch is Asterisk compatible with?

I guess it depends on how you want to hook this to Asterisk.  If
though a TDM card, just tell him it is POTS.

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