[Asterisk-Users] Graphical Interface to display Asterisk CDR / php / CSV too!

Jon Fautley jon at geekpeople.net
Tue Mar 23 17:25:00 MST 2004

Areski wrote:

>Hello Asteriskien,
>I made a Graphical Interface in PHP to display Asterisk CDR.
>To see quickly all your stat by days and also to compare them.
>- Support mysql & postgresql
While not as pretty, I have a version that works from the CSV file that 
asterisk creates by default.

Code is  provided without warranty, if it breaks your machine/* 
installation, neither my employer nor I are responsible.

If anyone wants to tidy this code up a bit, feel free. It was a hack I 
put together in an afternoon...

It's a perl script - so stick it in a cgi-bin directory. The call 
recording stuff should be fairly easy to figure out (just requires you 
to create the recorded files in a certain way).

Avaliable here: http://www.3ait.co.uk/~jon/



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