[Asterisk-Users] Ringback?

Eric Wieling eric at fnords.org
Tue Mar 23 09:49:25 MST 2004

On Tue, 2004-03-23 at 09:49, Eric Wieling wrote:
> I'm having a similar problem with 0.7.2 but ONLY if I dial multiple
> destinations at the same time.  Here is a copy of my extension section
> that does NOT provide ringback no matter what I do.  In this example the
> caller hears ringing while the Ringing() app is run, but it goes away
> when the Dial() app is called, even with "r" on the dial application
> line.  I don't know if chan_local is an issue or if it's dialing
> multiple destinations at the same time.
> exten => 3300,1,Answer
> exten => 3300,2,Ringing
> exten => 3300,3,Wait(1)
> exten => 3300,4,Playback(/etc/asterisk/sounds/pls-wait-connect-call)
> exten => 3300,5,Wait(1)
> exten => 3300,6,Ringing
> exten => 3300,7,Wait(1)
> exten => 3300,8,Dial(Local/3400 at extensions&Zap/25,,r)
> exten => 3300,9,Hangup

The "r" option should work with CVS AFTER Mar 18 2004 or using the patch
for 0.7.2 at http://www.fnords.org/~eric/asterisk/downloads/patches/

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