[Asterisk-Users] Ringback?

Jeremy Jones jjones at westcomllc.com
Tue Mar 23 08:12:24 MST 2004

Good morning,

I just upgraded to the latest cvs (3/23/04 @ about 7:00am MST) and
bumped into a little problem...

Dialing in from the pstn to sip phones (x-lite softphone on winders and
a grandstream handytone-286 ata), I hear the sip phone ring a few times,
but hear nothing from the pstn side 'til the timeout.  Then the sip
phone stops ringing and I hear ringback at the pstn side.

Could this be a latent configuration problem on my end that didn't
manifest until I upgraded, or is it a problem with this morning's cvs?

(not urgent, of course -- just put cvs from a few weeks ago back, and
all is well...)

Jeremy Jones

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