[Asterisk-Users] UK - 1471

Welby McRoberts lists at bordem.net
Sun Mar 21 16:47:29 MST 2004


Robert Boardman wrote:

> In the UK we have a service that if you dial 1471, the last 6 calls 
> are read out to you and  you can pick which one you want by pressing 
> 3,  this means that 1471 shows in the cdr, has anyone created a script 
> or an application that will read out the last callers and then dial 
> the number? ( that they would like to share?
> I only ask before I start to re invent the wheel
> Thanks
> Robb

I wrote a scrpit, not the best in the world but it works (the call back 
didnt last time i checked but it might with a bit of work). Its availbe 
at http://www.wheely-bin.co.uk/asterisk/


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