[Asterisk-Users] Snom 200 Voice Call / Paging

willy at yponeinc.com willy at yponeinc.com
Sun Mar 21 09:25:22 MST 2004

To All,
Several months (2003) ago there was a discussion regarding
overhead paging & intercom functionality with SIP /
Asterisk.  Jerry Gibson, John Todd and various others
participated (from checking the archives).  One person even
responded that they had the stuff working with the snom
Voice Call (i.e. on-hook speaker/mic) is realy important in
a lot of apps.  It would appear that the snom 200 and by
extension the snom 105 support the functionality.  
I will be happy to make a wiki entry to explain & demo this
functionality once I have it working properly.  I also
understand that the (mis)use of conferencing is frowned upon
as it wastes bandwidth and CPU.  However, until a better way
comes around, that is not a problem as there are quite a few
applications where (a) one needs Voice Call (which is 1 <->
1) and / or an 'allPage' which can be limited to a subset of
all phones.  Typically phones which are in designated or
public areas, conference rooms, etc.  The BW/CPU issue can
be controlled. Better a limited solution than no solution at
all ;)
I am also allowing for the limitation that all participating
phones are on the same LAN with the [*].  
Anyone who has this successfully working with snom, please
respond ..  Using the [*] sound card for a separate PA
system is NOT an option ;)
As I said, I will be 'distilling' the info and turn it into
a wiki entry.
Cheers and TIA,

Willy Wouters
ypOne Publishing

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