[Asterisk-Users] T100P T1 problem (Avaya -> asterisk IVR)

Michael Welter mike at introspect.com
Sun Mar 21 07:40:11 MST 2004

Actually, please leave this thread on the list.

Question: since this is a local connection between the Definity and 
Asterisk on a crossover cable, could E1 PRI be used, even though we're 
in the US, to realize another 8 channels?  I have TN464F cards that I 
will be using to connect with Asterisk.


James Coberly wrote:

> Jeb,
> Do you know what slot it is in?  Carrier A (top) or B (bottom)?  We should
> take this off list though and reply to me directly from this point, since
> this is not really * related now.
> There are 2 ways to do this:
> At the system propmt type:  list configuration ds1  (will list all DS boards
> in the system)  list configuration all will give you all boards in the
> system.  FInd the one related to the slot you are connected to.
> Or if you have a restricted shell:
> You can look at the back of the unit, locate the amphenol you connected,
> there is a no. (slot #)  Locate the card on the front of the unit in that
> slot.  Should be marked TNXXX
> James-
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