[Asterisk-Users] T100P T1 problem (Avaya -> asterisk IVR)

Jeb Campbell jebc at c4solutions.net
Sun Mar 21 01:46:49 MST 2004

Thanks so much for taking the taking the time to help me figure this 
out and learn something.

It is a Definity, but I'm not sure about the card -- just a basic t1 
card is all I know (on Monday I could get more info).

Is there a command to find out which card is installed? or if that is 
enough to get started with the commands?

Thanks again,


On Mar 20, 2004, at 11:37 PM, James Coberly wrote:

> What Avaya card  are you using?  What model of system?  Definity,  
> Merlin,
> etc?  With this I should be able to send you the base commands to 
> review the
> card slot settings for the PXB
> James-

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