[Asterisk-Users] T100P T1 problem (Avaya -> asterisk IVR)

Jeb Campbell jebc at c4solutions.net
Sat Mar 20 17:36:26 MST 2004

Hello all,
	I'm having a problem with a T1 connection to a Avaya PBX (asterisk is 
an IVR).
I could not get pri working and now I'm simply trying to get asterisk 
working with fxs_ks.

1. Is there anyway to troubleshoot or see what is being sent on the T1.
	zttool shows no errors, and the Avaya rings the t1 if wct1xxp is 
loaded, and gives
	busy if it is not loaded -- so I think something is being sent down 
the line, I just
	don't know what it is (asterisk -vvvvvc shows nothing)

2. Is there anyone with Avaya PBX -> asterisk experience on the list?  
I'm remote, but I can
	login -- I just don't know what commands can troubleshoot the 

zaptel.conf (relevant section)

context = demo
switchtype = national
signalling = fxs_ks
group = 1
channel => 1-24

Thanks for any time and help

Jeb Campbell
jebc at c4solutions.net
Cell: 865-385-1437

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