[Asterisk-Users] Important: The Asterisk Mailing list (newsubject)

tmassey at obscorp.com tmassey at obscorp.com
Sat Mar 20 09:23:36 MST 2004

asterisk-users-admin at lists.digium.com wrote on 03/20/2004 02:58:21 AM:

> You give too much credit to people, indeed.  I cannot say about this
> but most lists I use have high corporate populations, where the users
> *have* to use mailers like Outlook or (cringe) Notes.  For mailing list
> admins to expect users of these mailers to try and find the functions
> referred to in the article is ludicrous (and yes, I know I just said in a

> prior note "use the function of your mailer", but I was referring to the
> standard Reply function -- if you have ever tried to use a mailing list
> with Lotus Notes you will bless the list admin who maintains the
> status-quo and munges "Reply-to").

It's odd: I use Lotus Notes, and while I prefer the current Reply-to
action, having to click the Reply To All button right next to the Reply To
button is not exactly a hardship...

I do miss the way my old mailer (PM Mail 2000) prompted to either Reply to
one or all, but Notes doesn't exactly make it hard..

Way off-topic, I know, but I had to defend Notes!  :)

Tim Massey

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