[Asterisk-Users] g729 suggestions?

Alex Volkov avolkov at bpvn.com
Fri Mar 19 11:25:26 MST 2004


It is rather hard to tell how many VA g729 licenses you might require at any
given time, it all depends on the exact circumstances. Not that you did not
describe yours well, but you left out some of the specifics.
In general, VA g729 codec licenses are counted like so:
1. A license is required only when the codec functionality is *actually* in
use, i.e. when asterisk needs to transcode g729 into anything else, or the
other way around;
2. During a transcoded g729 call both directions (encoding and decoding)
count as 1 license (but there could also be bugs crawling around in VA code
regarding this matter);

So, to answer your questions directly:
1. You need 2 licenses to use both C7960s at the same time, assuming they
are not calling each other at that moment;
2. Accessing Voicemail counts as any other regular call;
3. A license is certainly needed for an "Internet C7960 g729" -> x100p pstn
4. A license is required for any other "internal" asterisk function (C7960
to IVR, C7960 to MOH, Voicemail, etc)?

1. If you could record all your IVR prompts in g729, you would not need a VA
license to play them to a g729 phone.
2. If you record Voicemails in g729 (not exactly possible with * at this
time) and all your phones used g729, you would not need a license; but you
would need a license to access the Voicemail from PSTN; recoding voicemails
in g729 + other formats would need a license because asterisk would need to
transcode incoming g729 stream;
3. If your g729 C7960 calls someone, and the called party places the callee
on hold with MOH, a total of *2* licenses will be necessary -- 1 for the
call and 1 for MOH;

I hope that help!

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Subject: [Asterisk-Users] g729 suggestions?

> Running * stable from CVS-02/17/04 with multiple C7960's (sip behind nat
> Internet), x100p's, multiple iax links across net, etc. About a dozen
> sip hardphones including Snom 200 near *. IDE drives (no scsi).
> Thinking about moving the internet C7960's to g729, and seem to be coming
> up with lots of opinions in the archives, but not much in terms of
> answers. Also checked the wiki.
> If I only move "two" C7960's on the Internet to g729, is the correct
> for number of licenses:
>   2 - C7960 sip channel licenses (assuming both will be in use at the same
>       to source a g729 call, regardless whether the destination is a g711
>       iax/gsm call, etc.)
>   1 - Voicemail (gsm disk format now)
>   3 - Total licenses
> Is a license needed for an "Internet C7960 g729" -> x100p pstn call?
> Is a license required for any other "internal" asterisk function (C7960 to
>   C7960 to MOH, etc)?
> Rich

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