[Asterisk-Users] g729 suggestions?

Rich Adamson radamson at routers.com
Fri Mar 19 09:11:38 MST 2004

Running * stable from CVS-02/17/04 with multiple C7960's (sip behind nat on
Internet), x100p's, multiple iax links across net, etc. About a dozen local
sip hardphones including Snom 200 near *. IDE drives (no scsi).

Thinking about moving the internet C7960's to g729, and seem to be coming
up with lots of opinions in the archives, but not much in terms of definitive
answers. Also checked the wiki.

If I only move "two" C7960's on the Internet to g729, is the correct calculation
for number of licenses:
  2 - C7960 sip channel licenses (assuming both will be in use at the same time
      to source a g729 call, regardless whether the destination is a g711 7960,
      iax/gsm call, etc.)
  1 - Voicemail (gsm disk format now)
  3 - Total licenses

Is a license needed for an "Internet C7960 g729" -> x100p pstn call?

Is a license required for any other "internal" asterisk function (C7960 to IVR, 
  C7960 to MOH, etc)?


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