[Asterisk-Users] Newbie Start Question

Bob Klepfer bob at photon-x.com
Fri Mar 19 08:27:34 MST 2004

Mamadou Lamine KA wrote:

>I am very new to Asterisk. I want to set up a PBX and an IVR server with it.
>I have a wildcard X100P and a TDM400P on my RedHat box.
>I have installed Asterisk and the devices and everything seems OK. ( Asterisk Ready )
>Now I want to launch the Demo context in /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf so that when a call comes it is directed on that context. How shall I proceed? 
Make sure the X100p channel is numbered consistantly between 
/etc/zapata.conf and /etc/asterisk/zaptel.conf, is being signalled with 
fxs signalling, and has a context ("default", perhaps) defined in 
extensions.conf where include => demo is included, assuming you didn't 
change your extensions.conf much from the sample.  Channels are numbered 
based on what module loaded first.  In your case, loading wcfxo then 
wcfxs would lead to channel 1 = x100p card, and channels 2-5 = tdm400p.

>I have of course read the Asterisk handbook but it is too the theorical to me. Could someone tell me where i can find exact informations on how to set up and how to use IVR server with Asterisk.
Keep reading and absorb the .conf files.  It will gel at some point.  
Also see http://digium.com/downloads/configuring_zaptel.pdf

Best regards,

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