[Asterisk-Users] Can i do voice chat without using the hardware

suresh kumar idcsureshp at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 19 06:50:00 MST 2004

Hi Girish,

Thanks a lot for your valuable information. I will go
through it once again. Still i don't have any idea to
connect two PC's. Hope i may get help from you.

Is there any softwares like X-lite for Linux?

Thanks & Regards,

--- Girish Gopinath <gopinath_girish at hotmail.com>
> Suresh,
> >From: suresh kumar <idcsureshp at yahoo.com>
> >Subject: [Asterisk-Users] Can i do voice chat
> without  using  the hardware
> <snip>
> >Without using any of Digium's hardware or T1 or E1
> >interfaces
> >, can i do voice chat between two computers
> >(intranet/internet)?
> >
> >If possible, How can i do that? (Any configuaration
> >setting is required?)
> >Sur
> >
> You can use Asterisk's SIP channels for this. You
> need to have IP 
> phones/Softphones that register with Asterisk. If
> you are using windows you 
> can freely download and install evaluation versions
> of SJphone or Xlite.
> For configurations, see the 'User Contributed Links'
> section of 
> http://www.asteriskpbx.org/index.php?menu=support
> There are plenty of documents available to help
> you...
> Good luck, Girish

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