[Asterisk-Users] firefly sip question

Adam Hart adam at teragen.com.au
Wed Mar 17 15:17:29 MST 2004

hank smith wrote:

> hello I am not sure where to ask this question at so please except my 
> apologise if this is the wrong list.
> I need to ask if any one has got firefly sip version to work with fre 
> world dialup?
> if so what info did they use to connect?
> once again if this is the wrong list if the person who is developing 
> this thing email me off list or direct me to a list fore firefly it 
> would be greatly appreciated
> email is
> hank at hanksmith.net <mailto:hank at hanksmith.net>
> thanks
> hank

I'll look at this today, stay tuned.

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