[Asterisk-Users] Hangup X100P Issues

Iain Stevenson iain at iainstevenson.com
Wed Mar 17 07:21:54 MST 2004

What sort of phone line are you using?  Connecting an X100P to a PBX line 
or ISDN TA can cause the problems you mention.


--On Wednesday, March 17, 2004 7:37 am -0600 willy at yponeinc.com wrote:

> Hullo!
> It appears that the X100P (FXO) does somehow not passes the
> 'hangup' signaling *.
> Sample Scenario 1:
> I call in on external line X100P.  I successfully ring an
> extension.  The extension answers.  [we have an established
> call going on now] I hangup (from the external call).
> Listening to the extension, I just hear a faitn click and
> then *silence* as if the caller stopped talking.
> Eventually the person on the extension will actually hangup,
> releasing the FXO
> Sample Scenario 2:
> As above, I call in through the X100P.  I dial an extension
> for VoiceMailMain.  Somewhere in the process, I just hangup.
>  The VoiceMailMain keeps happily looping until *eventually*
> it actually times out.
> I have tried both scenarions dialing in through IAX
> (VoicePulse), and both work as expected: i.e. caller hangs
> up, callee (on extension) hears a 'click' followed by
> 'congestion' tone.  The 'hangup' event is detected.
> I searched the archives, but could not find a solution.
> Any ideas,
> Willy
> Willy Wouters
> ypOne Publishing
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