[Asterisk-Users] MySQL Dynamic Extensions

Tilghman Lesher tilghman at mail.jeffandtilghman.com
Tue Mar 16 09:05:14 MST 2004

On Monday 15 March 2004 17:28, Darren Nay wrote:
> I am just looking into Asterisk as a viable voicemail solution for
> our phone service.  In order to use it though I will need to make
> extensions.conf dynamic (ie. Via MySQL).  Is this possible?

Not yet, although you can do something similar by using the Eval
and Exec applications.  Eval has been committed to CVS; Exec is
still being pondered on the bugtracker.  You should be able to use
these two applications to produce a static dialplan, which pulls
applications and arguments from a database in real time, then executes


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