[Asterisk-Users] New Firefly Beta - with SIP and G.729

Adam Hart adam at teragen.com.au
Mon Mar 15 16:32:41 MST 2004

I've been sitting on this release for a week so I thought I'd better 
just release it :) Firefly now has SIP but it's still in a beta state. 
If you manage to crash it, send me the hex address of the crash. If you 
find it doesn't work with another SIP phone, let me know and I'll happy 
get it working for you. I'll be interested to hear people's experiences 
behind NATs.

To download the beta version of Firefly: 
(the current stable version of firefly will not have sip or g.729)

G729 support via dll - basically as we all know, G.729 ain't free but 
you can get a free development version from Voiceage (Sipro), so I've 
added support for using that. Download 
http://www.virbiage.com/firefly/download/g729.zip and follow the 
instructions in the Readme. You'll need to agree to their license and 
download their library.

Firefly's Protocol Support now is:

Voip Protocols: SIP, IAX
Codecs: ulaw, alaw, iLBC, GSM, G.729 (via DLL)

Next major feature will be conferencing.

feel free to email me,

    Adam Hart

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