[Asterisk-Users] oh323 sending tech-prefix??

Anthony Law anthonyl at accessv.com
Mon Mar 15 14:39:49 MST 2004


> exten => _1613XXXXXXX,1,Dial,OH323/8750${EXTEN}@

>This should work. Provide a more detailed Asterisk log to trace the

Sorry. It was my mistake. I believe it works now

Could * at the same time take h323 packets from let say a cisco gateway and
pass it through another softswitch?
I have tried setting up cisco gateway (using h323)to voip packets to * but I
instantely got disconnected and gives out below error. Can you please tell
me what I am doing wrong.

Mar 15 16:22:35 WARNING[18451]: channel.c:1856 ast_channel_make_compatible:
No path to translate from H323:1629(256) to H323:19928(1)
Mar 15 16:22:35 WARNING[18451]: channel.c:2245 ast_channel_bridge: Can't
make H323:1629 and H323:19928 compatible
Mar 15 16:22:35 WARNING[18451]: res_parking.c:226 ast_bridge_call: Bridge
failed on channels H323:1629 and H323:19928

Should the setup be done within oh323.conf? Is there documentation on how to
do it?



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