[Asterisk-Users] Pri Errors, Hanging up Owner

Bisker, Scott (7805) sbisker at harvardgrp.com
Mon Mar 15 13:08:59 MST 2004

I had the same problem a few weeks ago.  I updated to latest zaptel and libpri, and the problem went away.  My date is 3/8/04


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Hey guys, 

Every so often my pri channels degenerate into a non stop series of 
Mar 15 06:51:50 WARNING[131081]: chan_zap.c:6263 pri_dchannel: Ring requested on channel 1 already in use on span 1.  Hanging up owner.

Errors. Anyone else having this problem? I see an old reference to updating your cvs, I am using a fairly updated version, as of say a week ago. Anyone have any experience with this / knows what the problem is?


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