[Asterisk-Users] sip proxy

Thomas B. Clark digium at clark.durham.nc.us
Mon Mar 15 05:20:32 MST 2004

I have talked one of the major voip providers into giving me my userid 
and password to test with Asterisk. (I cannot say which one right now.) 
  Registration and receiving calls work pretty well.  However, I am 
unable to make calls because the provider requires that the sip URI say 
number at SIP.provider.com, but be sent to number at PROXY.provider.com.

Sip bug 359
appears to address this issue, but is not moving very quickly.

I have tried working around by setting up my own DNS to be authoritative 
for provider.com, and providing a SRV record with a proxy in it, but 
Asterisk is ignoring it.

Can anybody think of a different way to work around this problem?

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