[Asterisk-Users] Compiling snom firmware

Matteo Brancaleoni mbrancaleoni at espia.it
Mon Mar 15 05:18:57 MST 2004

Hi all

does anybody here played with the compilation
of the snom (100/200) firmware?

I'm finding some problems here, but after
being able to compile the kernel with
the ppc-linux dev kit, create a zvmlinux.initrd
image (containing also the filesystem) and
creating a .bin file using the romtools...
I get always CRC error, and can't load the firmware
into the phone (via tftp o web interface)

Any hint?

Matteo Brancaleoni
Espia System Administrator
Email : mbrancaleoni at espia.it
Web   : http://www.espia.it
Phone : +39 02 70633354      - ext 201
IAX(2): guest at - ext 201
Iaxtel: 1-700-56-62458       - ext 201

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