[Asterisk-Users] VXML_URL and Cisco 7960 Phones?

Derek Bruce dbruce at calgarytelecom.com
Sat Mar 13 15:35:55 MST 2004

Thy looking at the VTGO-PC softphone by IPBlue at
http://www.ipblue.com/downloadSales.htm... It's an SCCP softphone that
emulates the Cisco 7960... they have a 30 day evaluation version that
includes sample VXML scripts.

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Subject: [Asterisk-Users] VXML_URL and Cisco 7960 Phones?

> Ok. I give in!
> I was tempted by the wiki that mentions the (very undocumented) VXML_URL
> and suggests it might be able to control the display on a Cisco phone
> during an incoming call using a SIP image.
> I've mucked around with this for over two hours and after scouring source
> code, google, and the archives have found nothing.
> Does anyone have any how to use this feature? Does it even really exist? I
> can see the header being set and hitting the phone - but I can't find
> documentation anywhere suggesting what format you can send it.
> Sleepless in the server room,
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