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Bill Michaelson bill at cosi.com
Sat Mar 13 04:52:37 MST 2004

I know that the 1 denotes the Zap channel number.  That's why I would 
not expect it to dial a 1.  But it apparently does dial a one.  Hence my 
original question.

If it did not dial a 1, it would not work because a 1 is required for 
the called number, as coded, to work properly with the local phone service.

Furthermore, I discovered this because I originally coded it this way:

exten => _NXXXXXX,1,Dial(Zap/1/${EXTEN}|55)

...which simply timed out on the line and failed.  Experimentally, I 
determined that the telco was expecting 3 more digits, in spite of the 
fact that 7 digit dialing is normal for the line.

>From: Asterisk Learner <aawan at emirates.net.ae>
>Subject: RE: [Asterisk-Users] Dial via X100P
>It does not dial a 1. The '1' denotes the Zap channel number which in
>this case is probably your X100P. Zap channels are assigned to Zap ports
>depending on the order in which you do a modprobe on them.
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>Subject: [Asterisk-Users] Dial via X100P
>Just connected my X100P to Verizon.  I stumbled across a config that 
>works, for the moment, with this Dial command:
>;this works, because it prefixes a 1 on the dialing.  But why does
>exten => _NXXXXXX,1,Dial(Zap/1/609${EXTEN}|55)
>The comment says it all.  The card/SW seems to dial a 1 before it dials 
>the 609${EXTEN}
>Unless I'm misinterpreting what is happening?
>This obviously limits my possibilities.  Can somebody explain to me why 
>it dials 1, or appears to?

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