[Asterisk-Users] TDM410 final questions

randulo randulo at ssl-mail.com
Fri Mar 12 11:17:02 MST 2004

I've scoured the list about the TDM400 PCI 2.2 issue and I'm more 
confused than ever. Some say the card is compatible but PCI 2.2 
compatible mobo is not necessary. Note: too bad there's no good way to 
remove false answers from the archives.

I just received the card and put it on a mobo that is indeed a few years 
old. The card is not being seen in any slot. This is a PCI 2.2 issue? 
The X100P works fine in any slot, course it would.

Last question, anyone on this list in or near Paris? I have this brand 
new card I may not need at all. I wanted to experiment with it but it 
probably will not work with the ox I'm using. Since this is just for 
education, I'm not going to buy a new mobo to get the TDM to work :) If 
anyone is in this area and interested write me off list. I will be 
needing a second X100, maybe a trade is possible. If by any chance the 
above is frowned upon, sorry, I'm just trying to get a working system 
and thought I'd mention the board will not be of use to me, not do a 
personal ebay.

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