[Asterisk-Users] PRI errors blocking Asterisk

Scott Stingel scott at evtmedia.com
Thu Mar 11 09:48:42 MST 2004

Hi Nichoas-

Are you are getting lots of frame re-transmission messages in
/var/log/asterisk/messages as well?


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>Hi Asterisk community,
>Every once in a while (can be several times a day, or every few days),
>I get that kind of error (with a TE405P) :
> PRI: Short write: -1/66 (Unknown error 500)
>After that, the E1 links on the server get jammed : all the current
>channels, or any new zap channel is simply unkillable.
>Restarting Asterisk (after kill -9) solves the problem.
>It seems to me that the Q921 layer in libpri has an unrecoverable
>error (such as the fd being wrong/closed).
>Anybody know where it could come from, and/or what should be done to
>avoid it ?
>Nicolas Bougues
>Axialys Interactive
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