[Asterisk-Users] Anyone using the new TE405P?

Scott Stingel scott at evtmedia.com
Wed Mar 10 18:32:50 MST 2004

Thanks for the info-  there are not too many out there, and before I start
placing these in the field, I'm looking for any early bugs.

Look forward to your other email..


Scott M. Stingel 
Emerging Voice Technology Inc.
Palo Alto, California and London, England

Email:          scott "at" evtmedia.com  
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>On Thu, 2004-03-11 at 03:11, Scott Stingel wrote:
>> Hello-
>> I'm considering some TE405P's for a customer of mine.  This 
>is the 5 volt
>> version of the TE410P.
>> Digium is now shipping these - does anyone have production 
>experience with
>> these cards in the field?
>yes, was there something more you wanted to know?
>PS, We are using one with a single PRI on our PBX and it has been
>perfectly stable. Note the email I will send later today regarding the
>problems we are having which are probably just config/version issues.
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